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2018 the 6th National Universities Environmental Protection Knowledge Competition

Full name of the event
'The Future belongs to you and me'--2018 the 6th National Environmental Protection Knowledge Competition

Sponsored by: China Electrotechnical Society, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, AutoKnow magazine, and Global Times Auto Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Organized by: China Auto Industry Square Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Supported by: China Automobile Industry Consultancy Committee

Theme: The future belongs to you and me
Tenet: Popularizing knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection among undergraduates; showcasing passion and fighting spirit of undergraduates through diversified competition
Objective: To hold an energy conservation and environmental protection knowledge contest for undergraduates with the theme of "Walking Side by Side to the Future", which will greatly improving popularity, reputation and social image of energy-efficient, eco-friendly automotive brands and thus produce a result much more impressive than regular commercial advertisement. Title sponsorship can considerably increase brand reputation and ultimately create a positive brand image.
Time: From Oct 18th, 2016 to Oct 21th, 2018
Venue: Preliminary: Campuses of different universities or colleges, after which a team from each winning school will be sent to take part in the regional contest.
Regional: Northeast China, North China, Central China and South China
Semifinal: National Convention Center (October)
Final: National Convention Center (October)
Participants: Undergraduates in China
Form: Preliminary, regional, semifinal and final

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